Pain Management

Pain Management

Living with pain makes every aspect of your life more challenging, both physically and emotionally.

At Revlis Medical, Our focus is on providing you with comprehensive pain management services, allowing you to get back to enjoying your life with less discomfort. We utilize pain management techniques as an alternative to surgical procedures.

As an integrated Medical Facility offering medical care, chiropractic, physical therapy, family care, and pain management and regenerative Medicine, your program will be administered by experienced medical professionals that understand the importance of a holistic approach to medical care.

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Non-Invasive Pain Management

If needles make you squeamish and pills make you ill, then a non-invasive pain management approach may be best for you. We provide comprehensive alternatives to surgery for pain relief, including chiropractic adjustments, massage therapy, physical therapy, spinal decompression, laser light therapy (class IV).

With a board-certified chiropractic physician who believes in treating people instead of conditions, you can be confident that you are getting experienced, personalized, and compassionate care that is unique to your needs, body, and personal preferences. We will make recommendations for a comprehensive, customized pain management program that will be best suited to your condition and goals.

Direct Pain Treatment

We provide fast pain relief with direct pain treatment, including some plant-based natural anti-inflammatory injections (Other traditional medications can be used if necessary), and joint injections with the use of ultrasound to ensure pinpoint accuracy and maximum results. Your direct pain treatment may only be one aspect of your total pain management plan, or may be all that is required for relief from pain.

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Revlis Medical provides the comprehensive care you need to live a pain-free life. Whether suffering from lower back pain, neck pain, pain due to injury, chronic pain or unexplained pain, our complete Revlis Medical means that we can assist you from initial consultation through to a complete pain management plan of care.

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